• Homes Fit for the 21st Century.
  • Reduced project Costs.
  • Greater Preditability, better, faster build,30% shorter construction time than brick and block.
  • Faster return on Investment.
  • Minimal neighbourhood disruption.
  • Not weather dependant.An average house can be weather-tight in less than 5 working days.
  • Other trades can be working before the brickwork is complete.
  • Reduced drying out time.
  • Internal finishings can be completed sooner.
  • Less risk of shrinkage reducing snagging and future call-backs.
  • More Flexible Design.
  • Best option for different house types and bespoke layouts and finishings.
  • Flexible and wide choice of external finishes and claddings
  • Flexibility to further extend and customise.
  • Better Build Quality
  • Each unit is a factory engineered unit,built under controlled conditions delivering a consistency and accuracy beyond other construction methods.
  • Less dependancy on site skills.
  • Reduced Waste
  • Each unit is delivered to site in panellised form.Each component clearly marked for each section.
  • Delivered in order for erection, construction is a systematic step approach reducing handling of materials and any damage. There is no need for excess material to be on site reducing waste and loss through theft. It also results in a cleaner safer working site.
  • Lower Impact on the environment
  • The most environmentally friendly building system.
  • Using wood helps reduce Global Warming.
  • Wood is the only renewable comercial building material.
  • Fire and Flood resistance
  • Timber Frame has an excellent performance record.
  • Being number one prority for Timber Frame homes. Independant tests also show that timber out performs other structural material like steel or concrete in fire.
  • Instead of a tendancy to buckle and collapse,timber chars predictably,allowing a slow controlled loss of structural integrity.
  • Are Timber Frame Houses Quiet?
  • Timber frame houses conform to or way outweigh current building regulations.

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