Why Timber Frame ?

Timber Frame is a highly engineered, quality assured, tried and tested building method that is the norm in most parts of the developed world.

As it’s name implies, the method of Timber Frame Construction relies on a structurally engineered clad timber frame as means of support and insulation.

By nature a lightweight construction it is a precision engineered structure, which is remarkably strong and durable.

As a truly modern and advanced method of construction Timber Frame is the Cutting edge in Building Technology.

Timber Frame is engineered to the highest levels of Accuracy and Quality.

As a building Method it simplifies on-site Construction doing away with many of the building processes traditionally done on site.

Timber Frame enables and promotes higher levels of efficiency and supply chain integration.

Brings more control and predictability to the construction process.

Is adaptive in meeting and exceeding current and future Building regulations.Performs well in terms of Fire and Flood resistance.

Provides Positive improvements in Health and Safety



Has fewer defects delivering a higher degree of Customer Satisfaction.

The most environmentally friendly way to build.

Timber Frame is the most popular form of house construction in Scotland, thanks to it’s particular suitability for our cold climate where homes need to be built quickly, be very energy efficient and keep their occupants comfortable over all four seasons.

Timber frame is also used effectively in warmer humid parts of the world proof that it can cope and meet our expectations in the future climate changed UK.

Over 65% of Homes in Scotland are built using Timber Frame unlike the figure of 10.9 % in England, which however is showing the greatest growth over the last few years.

Timber Frame has a 30% shorter, more predictable construction time than Brick and Block.

A typical Timber Frame house can be watertight in less than 5 Working days. Timber frame is effectively a Carbon-neutral material even allowing for transport.

Timber Frame has the lowest CO2 cost of any commercially available building Material.

Nowadays all new buildings have to conform to new Thermal efficiency standards and with environmental issues becoming more and more at the top of the Political agenda which in turn will put an ever increasing burden on the manufacturer and Builder. Because wood is such a natural insulator timber frame buildings have been meeting and exceeding these standards for years and can be the most effective material to meet these higher expectations in the future.

With few changes in Masonry houses over the last few years and an every increasing skill shortage of craftsmen working on messy sites in all weathers. Timber frame homes are by comparison a precision-engineered product constructed under controlled factory conditions. Giving a more accurate precise quality product with more accurate room dimensions.

With more than 9 out of 10 self-builders using Timber Frame it also offers the flexibility and adaptability best suited to bespoke and more unusual imaginative Projects.

Waste and “end of Life” wood can be easily recycled.

Timber Frame Technology means you can have your houses ready for occupation within weeks rather than months.

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